Efficiently manage your suite of
online resources

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ResearchMonitor helps busy Information Professionals overcome common online resource management challenges. It is designed to help your information department deliver better service more efficiently, while improving access to online information.

Why ResearchMonitor?

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Negotiate Favourable Contracts

Negotiate with information vendors armed with accurate unbiased usage statistics.


Cancel Underused Subscriptions

Reduce costs by terminating unutilized resources.


Improve Access to Information

Reduce barriers to information access through smart account and password management.


Justify Departmental Budgets

Prove department value through targeted resource usage management reports.


Facilitate and Promote Mobile Research

Improve access to online resources for mobile users, in combination with delivering a custom firm branded library app.


Control Excessive Research Spend

Implement cross vendor controls limiting access to costly excluded content.


Actively Channel Research Behaviour

Direct researchers to preferred information providers based on search type and long term single provider strategy.


Pass Costs on to Clients

Support cost recovery bill back practices through client code validation and cost assignment.


Determine ROI of Intranet Investment

Identify effectiveness of intranet design through usage behaviour analysis targeting areas for future development.


Implement the product features that
make sense for you

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Usage Monitoring

Collect usage statistics across browser types on external and internal data sources, producing actionable reports delivered to the people who need them.


Password Management

Store account and password details, resulting in less work for the administrators and a password free environment for the end users.


Client Validation & Cost Recovery

Assign and validate job, deal and matter codes for each online search, optionally passing these costs on to your clients – directly from ResearchMonitor or in conjunction with your billing system.


Contract Management

Centrally store contract details including renewal dates, contacts, costs and terms. Ensure you’re well prepared in advance of renewals and review contract cost reports alongside collected usage.


Research Hub Mobile Research Management

Provide branded apps to your mobile research community offering usage capture, password management and custom mobile intranet page functionality.


ResearchPath Messaging & Redirection

Protect against excessive research spend on excluded content and divert researchers to the sources you want them to use.


“ResearchMonitor provides vital functionality to help run the library efficiently. The usage statistics are a great help at contract negotiation time and we’ve found the insight it provides into how our users use our intranet to be of particular value.”