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Research Hub and Quest on Start List for 2017

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research hub and quest

Annually, Dewey B Strategic, the multi-award winning blog by Jean P. O’Grady reports on feedback from readers responding to her Start Stop Poll in her Start Stop Process Survey. Readers describe tasks, processes or initiatives they stopped in 2016, or plan to stop in 2017; any processes they started in 2016; and any processes they plan to start in 2017.

We were thrilled to find that both Research Hub and Quest had been included by readers on their Start Lists for 2017.

Unsurprisingly, AI, processes involving knowledge management, revamping of firm intranets and general efficiency of processes across the board also appeared on the list. In a time of budget cuts, reform and a need for better communications among departments, it makes sense that there is a look to aids which allow transparency between departments, as well as to management; and reduce the time it usually takes to complete tasks. Importantly, the start list also focused on ways to improve client satisfaction. With the metrics Priory Solutions’ products offer, it is possible to make informed decisions that improve your firms business practices and enhance the service you provide to your clients.

You can see the full survey lists here.

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