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Quest V9 Released

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The Quest development team have been hard at work making the system more powerful, intuitive and useful with the release of Quest V9 in early October. Some of the main feature improvements are as follows:

  1. Linking requests – easily link similar or related requests.
  2. Splitting requests – split large requests or projects in multiple individual requests.
  3. Updated order of dashboard team view – to make the dashboard more user friendly.
  4. Additional export fields – include time logged in request data exports.
  5. Better handling of email attachment size restrictions – set up quest to mirror your email server’s file size restrictions.
  6. Notifications of unprocessed emails – enhanced email queueing and notifications if emails fail to send.

For a fuller description of the V9 feature additions and bug fixes as well as to view a video showing each in action visit this article in the Priory customer portal.

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