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Quest V11 Released

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Quest V11, released in January 2017, is full of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes. A full list of the work included in this release can be found in the release notes. The most notable new features are largely focused on enhancing the system notifications. These are the flexible notifications sent by the system in form of emails when certain scenarios are encountered or events occur, for example the simplest scenario would be generating a system notification when a new request is received. Some of the most notable new Notification features included in V11 are:

  • Introduction of “Overdue Request” notifications
  • Support for “Workstream Switch” notifications
  • New “Deactivate Notification” functionality
  • Support for emailing an expanded administration group when requests are reopened
  • Enhanced support for generating notifications when request agents are updated
  • Introduction of “New Requestor” notification when requestors submits their first request

In addition to the new notification functionality, here are a few other notable new features:

  • Support for SAML Authentication under the cloud hosted deployment option
  • Due date column added to My Requests and All Requests default grid view
  • Ability to roll back employee deletions

The release notes mentioned above also contain a useful “what’s new in V11” video. These resources are hosted on our customer portal. Please let the team know if you would like to view the release notes or training video and do not currently have access to the customer portal.

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