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Improved ResearchMonitor Contract Management Document Storage

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We have received multiple requests to improve ResearchMonitor’s Contract Management module, specifically with regards its document linking capabilities. Each contract can be linked to multiple related documents, such as T&Cs, renewal quotes or invoices. The original design assumption was that these documents would be stored in the firm’s document management system or on a network share, and thus would not need to be stored in ResearchMonitor. Related documents would instead be linked to a contract by recording the location of the document, either on the network or in the document management system. As we’ve now learned there are certain situations in which storing a document path pointing to a network share or a document management system causes difficulties locating and opening the document. After some consideration and discussion with clients, we decided to add functionality allowing ResearchMonitor to store an uploaded copy of related contract documents, rather than simply a path pointing to the file(s). Although a reasonably minor change, it will measurably improve the usability of the system. I’m happy to report the work has been completed and is imminently available in the next release of RM Web. Please contact your account manager to find out more and thank you to those clients who provide invaluable feedback leading to this change.

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