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Enhanced Customizability Options in Quest V10

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With Quest, our initial focus was a system able to support the most common implementation scenarios, knowing that over time as our user base grew there would be a continued need to improve and enhance the system’s customisation options thus allowing it to look and act significantly differently at each firm. The most recent Quest release, V10, represents a big step forward in this regard with the introduction of enhanced customisable fields.

The biggest change in Quest v10 is the introduction of unlimited custom fields configurable per workstream. In addition to the standard fields already on the Request Details pane, you can now create unlimited custom fields which can take the form of drop-downs, single and multi-line comment boxes, integer fields and employee selection fields for custom assignment scenarios. This means that each workstream can contain a unique set of meta data fields, appropriate to the department or type of request represented by the workstream. It was possible to achieve a scaled down version of this functionality in previous versions of quest, but with a smaller number of custom fields options.

V10 also adds more control around managing long conversations inside requests, namely reversing the comment view to see most recent comments on top, and the ability to collapse and expand the comment view.

The challenge is to strike the right balance between customizability and ease of administration. Although the new custom fields functionality does add another dimension to the system administration, given the differing requirements of each firm using quest it is a must-have customization feature. And more importantly it was requested by many clients and prospects over the past year.


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