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Looking Ahead to 2017

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2017 is set to be an exciting year at Priory Solutions, one in which we put clients at the centre of our planning and development efforts. This will be achieved by further expanding on the published product roadmap initiative we put in place in 2016. In 2016 we introduced regularly published Quest product development roadmaps, with great success and much positive feedback and engagement. This will be expanded to Research Monitor and our clients can look forward to reviewing the 2017 development plans in the form of an RM product roadmap. At all times, we wish to focus on moving the products forward in a direction our clients feel provides most value. The core focus of the business remains providing a set of products that improve transparency, efficiency, and enable firms to better manage their spend, particularly in the area of research when it comes to the established Priory products. We will pursue integration opportunities between ResearchMonitor/Quest and FITS, TRG’s leading spend management solution, in an attempt to provide mutual clients with a more tightly integrated and effective end-to-end solution.

To accommodate team growth all three main offices are set to move into new office space over the next few months. The TRG NYC head office is partway through its office move and the Priory Solutions teams in London and Minneapolis have both secured new space which we’ll move into soon. The new office spaces provide enough room for the teams to grow in support of our business expansion plans, and particularly in London the move has the added benefit of bringing the Priory and TRG UK teams together into a single space with all the added benefits that brings.

We will continue to pursue organic growth; increasing our Research Monitor and Quest market share in the Legal vertical. Under Leigh’s leadership we will be more active in exploring opportunities to further grow the financial services market in which we have a handful of clients already. New regulatory drives in the industry mean that Research Monitor has even more appeal than in previous years, an opportunity we look forward to exploring further. Of course, the traditional pressures of reducing costs and increasing value remain as relevant today as ever and we will be active in demonstrating how Research Monitor in particular can help.

2017 brings with it a change of leadership at Priory Solutions. Under Leigh’s direction clients can look forward to more of the same customer service excellence and product development. Leigh’s leadership experience in multiple business functions and in larger growing organisations will be invaluable at this stage of the business’s development. When asked why clients should be excited about his leadership, Leigh replied “That is a great question. I want to retain the best of Priory, the reason clients have put their trust in us in the past. I want to use the expanded resources we now have available to further innovate and grow, but absolutely based on client input. I firmly believe in the client being at the heart of company strategy. Every decision we make going forward needs to be viewed through the lens of the value it brings to the client. If it adds little or no value, we won’t pursue it. I want to retain the personal relationships we’ve developed with our clients, and I want our products to add real value.”

If your impression is that 2017 will be more of the same at Priory Solutions, you are absolutely right. More of the same growth, more of the same innovating market leading development, and more of the same connection with clients who stand at the centre of our past and future success.

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