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What do the Global Top 10 Law Firms Have in Common?

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In addition to earning more than $2bn in revenue, as of September 2016 the global top 10 law firms all use ResearchMonitor to manage aspects of their online research subscriptions. If we zoom out to the top twenty, the number of Priory Solutions clients stands at seventeen.

Our products have always enjoyed strong support in the large law firm market as these organizations typically have the most pressing need for products like ResearchMonitor. In addition to strong demand, the technical stability of Priory’s products meets larger firms’ risk and security standards which are increasingly important in product evaluations. We are thrilled to have achieved a clean sweep of the top ten and look forward to expanding our customer base as we further develop products that add real value.

Although this article focuses on our strong showing at the upper end of the legal market, we have also seen impressive adoption rates amongst mid and smaller-tier firms. This has been driven by broadening product functionality and the addition of Quest to the product mix. We expect strong client growth to continue and from our side we commit to continue investing in product development and client services.

Thanks to all our clients for the privilege of working with you.

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