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The AI buzzword

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AI Buzzword

Steve Matthews & Leigh Walters at Priory Solutions recently attended the Perfect Information Conference in Bath, UK. The conference theme was Man vs Machine – comrade or threat? 

Keynote speakers included, among Director at Jinfo, Robin Neidorf and more, Marc Vollenweider – co-founder and chief strategist at Evalueserve and author of mind+machine. His session entitled, ‘mind+machine: Optimise and implement analytics’ probed questions such as: ‘What are the limits of machines like AI, and why will the mind always be needed?’

Also a keynote address, was Anton Fishman’s session entitled, ‘NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN: the impact of AI and Machine Learning on organisations and the future of work’. He spoke on ‘the extraordinary advancements of AI and the rapid commercialisation of AI driven services and their business applications’.

Leigh Walters himself said in his feedback from the conference, that Anton’s session had given Priory Solutions some good ideas for product strategy.

The AI buzzword is indeed a talking point in industry news online, and it’s increasingly difficult not to pay attention. 3 Geeks and a Law Blog writer Casey Flaherty recently posted a blog on just this click bait mentality. There is much debate as to what can be construed as AI, and what software is simply jumping on the buzzword band wagon to gain attention. This attention is also buoyed by the concern legal professionals have for how far in the not so distant future AI will go to replace what legal professionals do today – as is touched on in Flaherty’s post – although this phobia is not restricted to the legal industry. However, many argue that despite the developments in AI and ‘robot lawyers’, machines will still need the assistance of human intelligence to conduct tasks we handle today.

What is certain is that technological advancement, the sheer scale of data being created, and the need for better efficiency in the workplace within strict budgets requires information professionals to be at the top of their game and open to ongoing shifts in how the conduct their work.



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