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Legal Education through Video

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Legal Ed through Video

There is an ongoing urge for the legal industry to be more open minded to the latest technology trends. Pressure to boost efficiency in the legal work place makes it difficult to hide in outdated processes. The challenge of taking on new processes fill many with anxiety. Rest assured, though, that there are companies out there making it their mission to ease this transition.

Legal education through short videos

Above The Law interviewed one of their Innovation Awards Winners, Ian Nelson founder of Hotshot. Nelson received his J.D. at the Hofstra University School of Law, and worked as a corporate attorney at Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel before leaving practice to help start Practical Law in the U.S. Hotshot won the education category.

Hotshot offers easy to access education for the legal industry through short videos, quizzes and printables. Their concept centres on creating learning tools for work that mimic those people use in their daily personal lives. Nelson uses the example of watching a short ‘How-to’ cocktail video before hosting a dinner party. The company centred their approach on the basis that people learn differently, and what will work as an education tool for some, may not be effective for others.

When asked the question, ‘Name one technology commonly used by lawyers today that will be obsolete in 10 years—and one we will be using in 10 years that they don’t have today,’ he answered that he hoped that the legal industry distanced itself from the the idea that it is in some way different to other industries when it comes to on boarding the latest technologies.

He added though that as an ex-practising lawyer himself, he was a believer in designing new technologies and products for the legal industry based on the way that lawyers thought and worked.

Watch a short video preview on Hotshot’s website to learn more.

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