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How to be proactive about cybersecurity

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22% of law firms did not have an organized plan in place to prepare for or respond to a data breach. Only 50% of law firms included in the study have cyber security teams in place to handle and implement the types of complex programs and initiatives necessary to deal with a data breach. – on ALM Legal Intelligence study

Cybersecurity breaches are a commonality in current affairs news and it is inexcusable to ignore the legal and monetary risks simply because the challenge of staying up to date with the latest technology available to prevent a breach is just too hard. Just as it is each information professionals ongoing responsibility to stay abreast of the shifting landscape of their workplace and job description, so too is it each member’s onus to promote and ensure best practices in cybersecurity at their firm.

The phrase, ‘I’m a technophobe’ or ‘I prefer the old school method’, is no longer a valid excuse for ignorance about some of even the most basic technology available. Keeping up to date with the latest available software and digital best practices not only maintains an information professionals relevance in modern research roles, but could be the salvation should a security breach occur.

Not only is it important for preventative measures to be put in place, but, should a breach occur or data be lost, does your firm a plan in place to recover data and keep operations running during the crisis?

Read above the law’s post for 9 points on a systematic and responsible approach to better cybersecurity in your firm.

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