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On the back of conference season, now what?

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conference season

For Priory Solutions, our conference season commotion is for the time being behind us, and the end of the year looms.  The new year will bring resolutions for the year ahead, and soon enough planning and preparations will once again be in full swing for conference season 2018. This leaves now as the perfect time for reflection and evaluation on the successes and pitfalls of the past season.

Did we attend the right conferences? Did we attend enough conferences? Who did we meet? Who did we reconnect with? How well received were our products? How well prepared was our team?

We held user group meetings at both AALL17 and in London during this time too, and were able to garner invaluable feedback from face to face interactions with new and long standing clients. Well away from the frenzy of conference planning of next year, decisions need to be made on a POA for 2018.

While mid year 2018 seems far away, packing, travel time, pre-conference meet and greets, user groups, company meetings and post-conference meetings and then packing and travel time to the next conference starts all over again. This can all be a smooth sailing process if time is allocated outside of this to make pre-planning decisions for the year ahead. Planning for the planning essentially, without the time pressure, and while still in office with resources at hand. The experience of the conference is also fresh in mind, and decisions on next year’s plan can be made with quick access to statistics and team feedback now rather than trying to recall this information in the new year.

For a checklist of conference ROI, take a look at this article.

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