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June Conferences: BIALL & SLA 2017

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Manchester City BIALL2017

Take a look at the Priory Solutions team’s feedback and experience at this year’s June Conferences: BIALL 2017 and SLA 2017.

BIALL 2017

This year’s BIALL conference took place in Manchester City and Priory Solutions were on the exhibition floor from 8th – 10th June, 2017.

The conference was very successful! Traffic was heavy and people were interested in learning about both ResearchMonitor and Quest.

This conference is always a great opportunity to see our existing clients and inform them of new developments with the products and company. With Leigh being here, we all could speak to now being part of TRG and the company’s vision. – Jose Camacho

Meeting new prospects meant getting tremendous exposure in the market due to this conference. We provided demos and overviews of our products to industry regulators, large accountancy and consultancy firms, big law firms and society bodies both local and international.

We also had many academic institutions stop by interested in Quest.

Our giveaways were very popular – we gave away Research Monitor branded coffee mugs & Quest pens, as well as See’s Candy lollipops from the States. Overall it was a thoroughly enjoyable conference for the team.

See a brief gallery here – Gallery: BIALL 2017 Highlights. And more information on BIALL’s brand new website and blog.

SLA 2017
Licence. Image courtesy Cygnusloop99

SLA 2017

Phoenix experienced a serious heat wave for the annual SLA 2017 conference with temperatures of between 118 degrees and 121 degrees Fahrenheit! Thank goodness for the air conditioning as the exhibition floor was very busy from June 16th – 20th, and so was the Priory Solutions booth.

The number of visitors that stopped by validated our expectations for the applicability of our products in other sectors – as well as for our traditional legal sector. Day 2 especially showed promise with almost every person that stopped by the booth showing a strong interest in both Quest and ResearchMonitor.

The last day of the show was the hottest, with temperatures predicted of 121 degrees. But it ran just as smoothly and while we were all keeping our fingers crossed, we were lucky not to have any no flight cancellations in the end.

See a brief gallery here – Gallery: SLA 2017 Highlights. And more information on SLA’s website.


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