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How did AALL go this year?

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How did AALL go

How did AALL go this year? On Day 1 despite having shorter exhibit hall hours, Devin GawneMark described Priory Solutions’ booth as packed with all four delegates talking to different groups of visitors at the same time:

“For my part, many of the conversations were with firms already using Quest; firms who had recently finished their trials, excited to talk about the next steps; or firms who use ResearchMonitor who wanted to learn more about our research training system…I was doing Quest demos from the big screen at the booth which got a lot of interest. They were catered to use cases.”

ResearchMonior was mentioned in a relevant session entitled, “Are people even using this database?” delivered by Kris Martin on the importance of metrics.

“It was also fun getting to introduce Jenny in person to contacts who only knew her from phone or email conversations,” said Devin, as it was Jenny’s first conference with Priory Solutions.

The team concluded the day with Jose Camacho meeting with a some of Priory Solutions’ clients, and the rest of the team going out for some Chicago deep dish pizza. See Devin’s video recap of Day 1 below.

A full day on the exhibition floor on Day 2

A full day on the exhibition floor on Day 2 involved multiple firm members requesting personal demos and also included a session taken by Rory Kingan in the Exhibitor Showcase Theater entitled ‘Research Request Tracking System, Quest’ for a product showcase.

In the recap for Day 2, Rory Kingan said he has two clients fighting over who loved ResearchMonitor the most, and who had had it first, “I had to break it up,” he said. The team were also able to conduct interviews with clients using both Quest and ResearchMonitor and gain some valuable feedback and testimonials. Devin GawneMark concluded Day 2 saying, “All around it was a really great time.”

On Day 3 Priory Solutions hosted user groups meetings for both Quest and ResearchMonitor as well as another full day on the floor.

This year was the first time that Priory Solutions has had four delegates attending the conference – Jose Camacho, Jenny Anderson, Rory Kingan and Devin GawneMark – and they each found their days busy with demos continuously across the 3 days for both ResearchMonitor and Quest.

It was certainly Priory Solutions’ most successful AALL yet. Take a look at our highlights video and gallery for more.

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