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Embracing Change – ILTACON TV Interviews 2016

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In preparation for and during ILTACON 2016, interviews were conducted with influential members, attendees, speakers and vendors under the overarching conference theme, ‘Embracing Change’. These interviews have been made available on ILTACON TV Interviews and include a wealth of innovative and thought provoking ideas for the legal industry.

Keynote speaker, Mike Walsh, speaks about the disruptive and now transformative state of technology. He highlights the need to recognise that new disruptive businesses are often built on traditional and stable businesses, and that this is the reason that some of the biggest changes are yet to come. And that while there’s a culture in law firms of being very resistant to change, that is now going to change as clients become the leaders of the technology revolution. He mentions, “Jeanette Wing, who is the head of computer science at Carnegie Mellon, actually says that in some ways literacy in the 21st century will not be the capacity to read, it will be what she calls computational thinking which is the ability to break a problem down in a way that a computer will help you solve it at scale.”

Also featured in the ILTACON TV Interviews is Kate Hagan, executive director at AALL. She speaks about how law librarians have done a really good job in repositioning themselves within law firms to continue to be valued in a shifting landscape. Not only have they had the need to embrace new technologies to deal with the ever expanding wealth of electronic information in today’s world, but have also had to introduce these concepts to other members of their firm, and the lawyers they work with. Their presence in firms is no longer restricted to a library, but now integrates with specialised departments dealing with knowledge management and competitive intelligence, as well as with marketing departments dealing with business development. Hagan elaborates on AALL’s rebranding initiative “We needed to expand our reach in the legal community…to communicate the value of legal information professionals in today’s legal market place. There is more information than ever and its expanding every day.” Take a look at the video for more.

Shaun Temby, partner at Maddocks, speaks about the need to penetrate the traditional systems of Big Law to effect change through the inclusion of the innovative ideas of millenials. Or be in danger of losing them to the tech industry. “Because we’re an apprentice based system, everything is predicated on precedent and ‘This is the way we always do things’, we really create a culture that is completely opposed to innovation. So if we can engage the millennials that are so tech savvy…adaptable and change ready and talk to them about the problems (Big Law) is facing and try and create innovative solutions that are more effective or create value, then I think – that’s exciting.”

In one of the final ILTACON TV Interviews listed, Ross Forgione, CIO at Johnson, Winston & Slattery, speaks about strategies for driving innovation in law firms. He highlights the initial need to identify whether agents within the firm are willing participants in driving change and innovation. “Lesson number 1: Never talk in terms of technology as value, you always talk in terms of driving the strategies of the firm…its relates to them. They get a clear understanding of ‘If we were to do this, we will see these benefits’.”

There are over 40 interviews featured – take a look.

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