Interdepartmental collaboration

Interdepartmental collaboration: Law librarians strengthen their role

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Our recent article, What are new career paths for information professionals?, covered the shifting nature of the landscape for information professionals in the legal industry. Rather than this being the end of the line, or even a daunting process, it can instead be viewed as a career boosting opportunity for law librarians. However, it will require […]


ResearchMonitor Best Practice

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ResearchMonitor has been listed as a best practice software for legal information professionals in AALL’s newly released Digital White Paper: Defining ROI: Law Library Best Practices. More critically than ever before, the publication emphasizes the need for information professionals to cement their positions through better metrics records. ResearchMonitor features in AALL Digital White In the article by Steve Lastres, Law […]


In Pursuit of Request Management Best Practices – Part 1

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While attending the recent Ark Best Practices & Management Strategies for Law Firm Libraries meeting in New York, I was excited when the conversation turned to request management best practices. Having spent the past couple of years considering this very topic, I eagerly anticipated the upcoming discussion hoping to take some points back to the […]

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The Impact of Alternate Fee Arrangements on Law Firm Information Professionals

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In the simplest terms Alternative or Special Fee Arrangements are agreements between a law firm and a client to bill clients based on a structure other than hourly billing. According to the American Bar Association: “AFAs are not about charging more than what an hourly rate might be — they are about charging an appropriate fee based on what value the […]

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Challenges to Reinventing Yourself – Difficulty Staying Current with Changing Technologies

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“Since 2006 the legal profession has been in a rolling state of uncertainty and change—evidenced by the collapse of legendary firms, the rise of outsourcing, low cost centers, intense pricing competition, as well as competition from alternative legal service providers…Yet the disruption also means opportunity for information professionals who have learned to adapt, let go, […]


Freepint Q&A with Priory Solutions

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Freepint, the UK based information management publication, recently published the results of a Priory Solutions focused Q&A session. Sophie Alexander spoke to Peter Borchers, Priory Solutions Managing Director, about when and why the company was founded, what products they offer, who their clients are, how they differ from their competitors and what challenges lie ahead for them. […]

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How to select an Electronic Resource Management Provider

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I recently reread the original version of my 2013 “How to Select an ERM Provider” paper and thought that as most of the points remain valid it would be useful to publish an updated version. Here it is! Electronic Resource Management (ERM) systems are designed to help manage your electronic subscriptions. They are also referred […]


Budget Time? Look to ResearchMonitor and Quest for Assistance

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If you’re in the midst of negotiating your budget for next year, consider whether access to improved management information and metrics would strengthen your position. As highlighted in our recent metrics review, there are numerous types of library metrics. Our ResearchMonitor and Quest solutions are designed to collect Financial, Usage, Research Services and Technical Services […]


Approaches To Request Tracking – Survey Results

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If you’ve followed any of our recent announcements you’ll know that earlier this year we released our reference tracking solution, Quest. We embarked on its development because our clients showed interest in a new system to record their research and reference requests. Although anecdotal and offhand remarks about the need for a new system were […]


Law Firm Library Metrics – AALL Session Summary

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I attended a session titled “The Wonderful World of Metrics: Show Your Value to Leadership” at the recent AALL conference. As our business is largely focused on collecting and producing metrics for special libraries and law firms in particular, this session was of great interest to me for a number of reasons. Firstly understanding which […]