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Budget Time? Look to ResearchMonitor and Quest for Assistance

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If you’re in the midst of negotiating your budget for next year, consider whether access to improved management information and metrics would strengthen your position. As highlighted in our recent metrics review, there are numerous types of library metrics. Our ResearchMonitor and Quest solutions are designed to collect Financial, Usage, Research Services and Technical Services metrics – all of which can be used in the preparation of your budget to demonstrate the vital service you provide the firm. The trick is in order to get your hands on these budgeting aids, you first need to add them to your budget for next year!

Ask yourself a simple question; is the investment in ResearchMonitor and Quest less than the cost of doing nothing? Will they allow you to run your department in a more cost effective manner and ensure you are allocated a budget reflective of the real value you provide? If the answer is yes you should seriously consider adopting one of both of these solutions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize these powerful purpose built library solutions. Include ResearchMonitor and Quest in your 2016 budget and let us help you demonstrate your value.

Efficiently manage your suite of online resources
Manage library research requests, simply and beautifully
Streamline research charge processing and improve cost visibility